Why do I coach?


Because coaching absolutely changed my life... 

In 2016 I suffered from an anxiety disorder due to stress from my corporate job.  I found it hard to breathe and I felt lost, trapped, helpless.  The good news was the company gave me a life coach to help me "cope."  In three months the coaching literally changed my life.  I discovered that living my best possible life started with leaving the company and I left the corporate grind for a more purpose driven life.  Guess what?  I have never looked back since!


I have found so much personal growth and life satisfaction through working with my own coaches.  Incorporating coaching into my life has allowed me to overcome the major obstacles of an abusive relationship & an anxiety disorder.  It also helped set me up with the tools to be successful in all walks of my life.   


Now I have the passion to help others on their journey to peace, happiness, and living their most fulfilled life.   


With life coaching I take my clients through the following journey:

  • Belief systems (limiting core beliefs & balancing beliefs)

  • Triggers & reactions

  • Mindset shifting

  • Values survey & priorities assessment

  • Goal setting & vision boarding

  • Breath work & meditation

Are you ready to settle no longer and embrace your best life possible?  

Please contact me directly for pricing information.