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From Filing for PPP to Landing My Dream Job

Today I begin a new chapter. I decided to go back to a more “traditional” career and take an awesome opportunity as the Sr. Director Sales Strategy at Orgain. It was almost 4 years ago that I decided to quit my career when living in Australia because I felt overextended, under-appreciated, and that there was no next step for me. When I resigned I had no other offer lined up, no next step planned, all I knew was that I was miserable and that spending so much time at a place where I didn’t feel valued was taking a toll on my physical and mental health. So I made the leap and walked away - and wowzers what a 4-year adventure it has been!

In those 4 years, I had many title changes...I was a traveler, a yogi, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a yoga teacher, a life coach, and a consultant. I experienced more growth than any paycheck could account for.

At the beginning of 2020, I felt an urge to start to explore more permanent roles, but there was a huge caveat - I refused to settle, it had to be the perfect fit, no matter how long it took to find. At this point in life, a lot had changed within me. I no longer cared about fancy cars, houses, or clothes. I learned to live on and with significantly less, and guess what, I was WAY happier! So before I began investigating opportunities, I got very clear on what I was searching for and refused to even consider something that didn’t tick all the boxes of my desires.

So how did I get crystal clear on what my next job needed to be? I mind-mapped the following questions.
  1. How do I want to feel?

  2. What do I need?

  3. What interests me?

  4. What companies fit this space?

After marinating on these answers to questions 1-3 above, I came up with a list of 23 companies that could be a potential fit. I started following each company on LinkedIn so I would be alerted of any openings. Then I revamped my resume and hit the job hunt hardcore. I think between April-December I must have applied to 70 jobs all over the country. The majority of the time I never heard a peep back. When I did land an interview, I was told they were looking for someone with more “traditional” experience (aka a straight ladder career). Sesh, did I get good at hearing no. Never did I imagine that taking an international role, saying yes to different career opps that lead me to different departments, or starting my own business would scarlet letter my resume.

Even at my new employer, I was turned down for the first role I applied to, but this is where the story takes a massive turn. The hiring manager asked permission to hand my resume along to the EVP of sales as she really enjoyed my background and thought my personality and skillset could still be a great fit for the organization. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity for a new contact within a company I had my eyes on.

When I first met the EVP of Sales everything started falling into place. He explained he was hoping to create a new critical role and was looking for someone who had done a little bit of everything with their career. He mentioned he loved the diversity of my background...finally, someone who found my jungle gym career appealing. And it just took that one believer. For the next few months, we had monthly Zoom calls getting to know each other. Then in December, a new position was approved and I began an extensive two days of interviews. On Christmas eve I was delivered the biggest present ever - an amazing offer to join the Orgain team as the Sr. Director of Sales Strategy. It still feels surreal that earlier this year I filed for unemployment and the payment protection plan. Now I’m starting the most important role I’ve ever had!

So what did I learn through the process?
  1. Get very clear on what you’re looking for.

  2. Never settle for something that doesn’t fit what’s important to you.

  3. Being non-traditional is not a bad thing, it only takes one believer.

  4. The more no’s you hear the stronger you become.

If you’re curious to hear about this amazing company that has made me super stoked to reenter the corporate space visit https://orgain.com/pages/our-story and make sure to watch the video about the founder. It’s truly inspirational.

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