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Your brightest life awaits - the real deal not the Instagram worthy version!

Do you dream of getting everything you want out of life?  Do you wish for ways to feel less anxious, more joyful, more at ease, and a heck of a lot more empowered?  Do you long for meaningful and happy friendships?  Well I’ve gotcha girl! I feel the same and that’s why I created a yoga camp. When I looked around and talked to young women I realized there was a huge need to create environments that were supportive & mindful yet challenging & fun. Voilà my yoga camp was born:


Eating to feel a certain way!

Nutrition shouldn’t be scary, tasteless, or a chore.  Instead of eating to look a certain way, how about eating to feel a certain way?  My background in natural foods combined with my love for tasty things has given me a beautifully balanced perspective to help inspire your nutrition goals. 



Not your mama's yoga class! 

This 60 minute upbeat, energetic, fun flow takes you through a dance of poses paired to a killer playlist (oh hey Ariana G & Billie Eilish).  Your body will be strengthened, your muscles lengthened, your mind relaxed, and your soul touched. Heck you may even shake a tail-feather along the way.       

Healthy assortment of yellow foods


You move fast & so does your mind!

It’s incredible how much information you process on a daily basis.  With all that stimulation it must be so hard to slow down. Well I’ve got your back (actually your mind) and have some tips & tricks that can help calm even the most turbo charged minds.


I hear ya sis - LIFE IS TOUGH!

You’re trying to balance home life, school, friendships, love interests, sports, and a social life.  Your plate is so full you’re left feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and pushed to your limit. I’m here to help.  I want to take you on a journey to uncover limiting core beliefs, triggers, and reactions then empower you to find solutions to balance those belief systems and uncover your key values.

Happy Family
Happy Teens

What's in it for me?

  • Develop a positive empowered attitude

  • Build more confidence

  • Foster healthy friendships

  • Establish positive habits to help overcome obstacles

  • Learn tools to help balance stress & anxiety

  • Enjoy a well rounded form of exercise

  • Gain an experience & connection fantastic for college resumes & reference letters

How it works.

We meet once a week for 4 weeks to go on a journey to discover your brightest self.  You will get your smile & sweat on with a energetic yoga class followed by uncovering tools to help get the most out of your life through a 1:1 coaching session.

Time commitment:

2 hours once a week for 4 weeks. (1 hour yoga / 1 hour life coaching)


  • Yoga Camp: $400 per person

  • Refer a friend discount: 10% off if you sign up a friend.

  • Payment via Venmo @AllyWettengel


Online sessions:

Due to the Corona Virus we will be conducting these sessions all online via Zoom meetings. 

To Book:

Email to set up your FREE 30 minute consultation.

Need more information: 

Contact Ally at 858-209-9208 or email to set up time to chat through any questions you may have.  There is also the opportunity to chat with others who have gone through the program. 


Satisfaction Guarantee:

I want you & your daughter to be completely satisfied with the teen camp.  If for some reason your daughter is not digging it after the first two sessions I will refund the remaining two weeks ($200). 


I'm SO excited you are sharing your gift with other girls! Our daughter has been immensely blessed by your coaching and will continue to use what you have empowered her with throughout her life and will also continue to seek coaching from you as she transitions through the next few years!  Thank you for allowing yourself to be used for a greater good and for being such a blessing to us all!! Excited to see what your future holds and how many more young women will be made better by your influence!

- Brent (mother of 17 year old daughter)