I'm SO excited you are sharing your gift with other girls!  Our daughter has been immensely blessed by your coaching and will continue to use what you have empowered her with throughout her life and will also continue to seek coaching from you as she transitions through the next few years!  Thank you for allowing yourself to be used for a greater good and for being such a blessing to us all!! Excited to see what your future holds and how many more young women will be made better by your influence!

- Brent (Fort Smith, Arkansas) Mother of a Teenage Girl

I had been feeling very disconnected from my career and life path and was looking at yoga retreat options in Bali when I discovered the Spirit Bird Life Retreat.  From the very first email communication with Ally I knew that this was the retreat for me.  I am not a regular "yogi", so was a little apprehensive at the start of the retreat, but Ally created such a welcoming and relaxed environment while still pushing me physically and mentally and making sure I was challenged in every class. Ally's energy, connection and style of instructing is the best I have experienced and each day I woke up excited for the morning yoga session.  From a personal growth point of view, the Spirit Bird Life Retreat exceeded all my expectations. Ally has an amazing ability to create an environment where you are comfortable sharing your personal story and facilitated the coaching in a way that I was able better understand my limiting beliefs and develop a plan to accept and manage these. Ally and I also had many "informal" 1 on 1 discussions where we explored these beliefs further and she took a very personal interest in me and my journey.  The balance between the serious and fun elements of the retreat was so well done, and we were all given the space to find our own space within the retreat.  It is difficult for me to articulate how meaningful and impactful the Spirit Bird Life Retreat was for me, or just what an amazing instructor and facilitator Ally is.

- Rob (Cape Town, South Africa)

Two simple words that would describe my experience with Allyson is 'Life Changing'! I have known Allyson for over 20 years and it has been amazing to watch her transform throughout her own journey. Recently, I took a leap of faith and traveled across the world to attend her yoga retreat in Bali. Wow!! Allyson put so much hard work and dedication in to making the retreat challenging, rewarding, and healing. The group of 8 are now life-long friends. I have been on my own spiritual journey for over 10 years now and have put a lot of work into self improvement and growth. In the few short days of the retreat, I was able to grow leaps and bounds due to Allyson's life coaching and her nurturing spirit. Some of the adventures we went on included: yoga on the beach, surfing, watching the sun dip into the ocean almost every night, trekked a live volcano, bared our souls to each other, worked through limiting beliefs and found our balancing belief. Each and every one of us that attended her retreat walked away a different person, a better person, the next best version of ourselves. Allyson is creating a huge positive ripple effect in our world and I highly suggest you jump on board, whether it be through yoga classes, her retreats, or life coaching. Your life will not be the same!

- Kristin (Bentonville, Arkansas)

I met Ally a few years ago at a mental health awareness organization in Sydney, where every Friday morning Ally would lead a yoga practice at sunrise on Bondi Beach for Fluro Friday. It was during these mornings with Ally that I completely fell in love with Yoga.

Ally is abundant in energy and vibrancy, her practice wakes you up physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her yoga is filled with passion and understanding, for the practise itself and for the yogis she is leading.

When Ally announced her first Spirit Bird Life Retreat there was no way I was going to miss it. The opportunity to spend a week in paradise, practicing yoga everyday with Ally could not be passed up. I was also feeling a little stagnant, and a little lost, and I needed an adventure to shake things up.

And what an incredible week. Guided by Ally in yoga twice a day, plus life coaching, plus wholesome nourishing food, plenty of adventures by the sea, in the sea, and up a volcano, AND plenty of Bintangs (this is not a regular yoga retreat!) I can hand on heart say this week has changed my life. I met 7 incredible souls who went on this journey with me, and we all have come out the other side the brightest, best versions of ourselves, ready to grab life by the balls.

I urge you to get on a mat with Ally. Even if it's just one class. Better yet, sign up to one of her retreats. She will move you and challenge you and change you in ways you didn't know you needed. I cannot thank Ally enough for the light and love she has brought into my life. Best yoga teacher in the world!

- Hannah (Sydney, Australia)


So glad that I made the decision to do this yoga retreat with Ally and the Spirit Bird Life as it has had such a positive effect on my life. The week challenged me more physically, emotionally and mentally in one week than I ever have had before but I walked away feeling stronger in every way and ready to take on life again. I've had many yoga teachers but Ally has been the absolute best and has a unique ability to be able to get right to your core as she has a gift with the way she teaches and trains. I recommend The Spirit Bird Life to anyone needing that rare opportunity to escape from your reality and refocus in life as it will work wonders for you if you surrender yourself to the journey with Ally's guidance.

- Haley (Sydney, Australia)


I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend Ally’s retreat in Uluwatu Bali. It was 7 days of transformation with a new group of friends whom I’ll forever be connected to. We climbed an active volcano to the watch the sunset, we surfed our hearts out, we laughed a lot, we cried a lot and we moved our bodies to heal and grow. Thank you Ally- you truly have a gift!

- Nadine (Sydney, Australia)

I met Ally through the Mantra Yoga Project and she has been a continual source of inspiration in my life. Ally Wettengel has continuously encouraged a culture of personal growth and spiritual development in my life. I began studying with Ally in January 2018. During my time with her, I have been continuously impressed by her energy, and perseverance as I tackled some of life’s biggest challenges. Ally mentored me throughout an amazing 6 weeks where I felt transformed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her gentle guidance helped me develop and progress both my personal and professional goals. I found her ability to design my individualized coaching plan to be fresh and innovative. One example is that within our weekly community meetings, she would remember my progress goals and take time to check in with me. One important thing to note, Ally never made me feel incompetent, even when I was struggling through my yoga journey. I value her coaching strategy because it allowed me the freedom to utilize my own creativity within our practice. Rather than stipulating I had to follow step-by step processes, she collaborated with me to develop my own unique self-study, while still ensuring I was getting the most out of my nutrition and physical practice.  Anyone who knows Ally recognizes her innate ability to connect with people. She approaches challenges with grace and determination. Her ability to facilitate positive change has been instrumental in my journey. Her eternally sunny nature inspires positive productivity necessary to drive individual and team success.  

I signed up for the program with Ally because I felt stagnant in my life. I wasn't moving (physically or spiritually). I wanted to spend my late 20's growing and developing a deeper sense of self and I wasn't finding the motivation to do so in my job or daily routine.  I originally signed up for the yoga project to lose some weight and meet new people. In addition to that, I also found myself motivated to change careers, get out of an unhealthy relationship, move towns and chop off my hair! Not that everyone needs to make such a dramatic change, but I was able to realize my true potential through Ally's coaching and in doing so, felt confident enough to turn those "I want's" into "I did". It will be a year in January 2019 since I participated in the project, and I now find myself regularly practicing meditation, developing more meaningful relationships and displaying compassion on a more frequent basis.  I was very excited to find a like-minded life coach who was leading the project. In the past, I found it hard to relate to many yoga instructors/coaches because they have never dealt with the challenges one faces in a corporate career. Everyone takes different professional paths, but it was challenging for me to find someone who could understand and empathize with the ups and downs of corporate America. I really liked that Ally was able to draw on her life experiences to be able to relate to her mentees regardless of their professional aptitudes.  

- Laurisa (Encinitas, California)

There a few words that can truthfully describe the feeling you get during and after an Ally yoga flow. Her classes are like none other I have ever experienced before, and I have been doing yoga for quite sometime before I was fortune enough to walk into a studio where she was teaching.  During her classes, if you are receptive and committed to her words and movement, you will undoubtedly experience a certain level of physical as well as mental transformation and growth; it is entirely up to you how far you want to take it! And the beauty of it all, is that it will be the kind of strength and life lessons that you can take with you even outside of the four corners of your mat.  Ally creates a safe and encouraging space for her students to be their most authentic and raw version of themselves. To let go of our Ahamkara (masks), detach ourselves from our ego and truly dive deep into who we really are. All while still breathing through a beautiful and challenging flow that can leave you sore for days even if its not sculpt.  She takes the time to connect with each and everyone of her students. With the gift of her powerful hands, she can help you expand and reach poses that you may not normally dare to try on your own.  Oh yeah, and her playlists are pretty awesome too!  I can go on and on as to why I love her so much, but I'll just wrap with the fact that Ally, aside from being an amazing yoga instructor, is a caring, positive and genuinely good being, full of love and light that she beautifully shares with anyone she connects with. 

- Diana (La Jolla, California)

Ally and I met in Australia when she was volunteering to teach yoga for a nonprofit mental heath organization One Wave. Week after week I fell more and more in love with my practice and especially my practice with Ally. She takes you on a ride during a class and has a beautiful way of being sentimental, motivating and funny. She doesn't just guide you through the moves she always weaves in stories about life and makes it much deeper than your typical class. Not only did I have the honor of taking her classes for almost a year but I also gained an incredible friendship. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to take her class. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, Ally has something for you. I can't wait until we met again so I can share in her beautiful practice.

- Susie (Bristol, England)

I've been doing yoga 3 days a week for 5 years. Not a long time, but also not a beginner. Ally will transform your life through words and movement. Her upbeat, heart-thumping classes will have you forgetting your daily grind and focusing on what matters most. Challenge yourself. Take a class with Ally. She is incredible and unforgettable. #mynewfavoriteyogateacher 

- Sara (Carlsbad, CA)

My wife and I have been practicing yoga for years. (My wife looks like she's a pro... I look like I'm a cement block... but anyway...) We both agree that Ally is the best yoga teacher we've ever had. She's professional, fun, inspiring, funny. She has a real love for yoga... and it comes through in everything she does!  Ally is the greatest. She is centered, obviously loves her work, and pushes us to do our best. We love her spirit, her knowledge, her corrections, her sense of humor, and her professionalism.  You wanna do yoga? You gotta work with Ally! 

- Eric (NYC, NY)

Ally is one of the top yoga instructors in San Diego. I have taken her privates, and also her group classes and she is top notch.  Her yoga style is a bit more athletic than some teachers, and you will definitely sweat and get a workout from her class/private. She also does a great job of incorporating the mental and breath work into her class. She is extremely accommodating, and will organize the class to fit your specific needs. And, she has great music during her classes. I highly recommend her for privates/group classes and corporate events! 

- Jenny (Carlsbad, CA)

Ally is the best instructor I've had! She does a great job guiding you through the yoga journey and also ensures your form is right. Her words and practice are on point, you'll feel amazing after a yoga session with her!

- Keri (Atlanta, GA)

She was so knowledgeable about the practice from beginners to pros, she could do it all! And I loved how in tune Ally was with our group too. I know I will always get a great session - with a great workout and feeling refreshed at the end too!!

- Leah (Dallas, TX)

I have been practicing yoga in various forms for 10+ years and Ally's class is the most amazing experience. Her love of yoga combined with her focus and intensity makes it the best class I have ever taken. Definitely an incredible class you don't want to miss!

- Jessica (Houston, TX)